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Are you frustrated with throwing away advertising dollars?

We cut out the bull to bring you a solution from a company you can trust.

  • attract new and loyal customers

  • target the right traffic to your business or website

  • make the most of your advertising dollars

We deliver response through our proven 4-Part Process


Your Business Will Grow Through
Our 4-Part Process

We’ve been helping local businesses reach new customers and clients for over 20 years. Here’s how you can grow your business with Family Values Magazine.

1. Targeted Advertising

Through Family Values Magazine, you will get in front of your desired customers.

2. Marketing Guidance & Expertise

We meet in-person with you to understand your unique advertising needs. You know your customers and market. We’re here to help you turn that knowledge into compelling offers.

3. Ad Development & Creation (At No Extra Cost)

After we have your marketing plan in place, you can get back to focus on other aspects of your business. We take care of the professional design and layout of your ad at no extra cost to you.

4. Delivery

Your compelling offer will be delivered to thousands of potential local customers through these sources.

  • Direct Mail: Your offers go right into your potential customers’ homes.
    (By the way, Family Values Magazine isn’t junk mail that people throw away. 89% of consumers who receive Family Values Magazine keep it and use it for at least six weeks.)
  • Online Distribution: Your ads are available on our digital version of the magazine. We also leverage social media to have an even deeper connection with the people you want to connect with.

And it doesn’t end there…

We continue to work with you to hone your message and focus your marketing through Family Values Magazines and other effective advertising platforms.

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Mansfield: 419.566.1102   •   Marion: 740.360.6005

“We have advertised with Family Values Magazine for over 10 years. While much other advertising has lost its effectiveness, Family Values has gotten better! They are one of the best performing pieces of our marketing budget.” 

Shannon Stark
Owner, Scioto Shoe in Marion, OH

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Mansfield: 419.566.1102
Marion: 740.360.6005

Contact us today to learn about our distribution, pricing, and more!


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