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In the late 90’s, Dr.’s Brad & Colleen Olson established a pediatric practice in Ashland to provide families with devoted medical care. The practice was purchased by Don Belsterling, CEO and Dr. Steve Friesen, M.D. in 2007. The Christ-centered group then added a second location in Mansfield. By 2012, Pediatric Consultants was ready to make the permanent move to a newer & larger building behind FRIDAY’S in Ontario. In 2007 there were over 30 independent (non-hospital owned) primary care practices in Richland & Ashland Counties. Today, less than 10 years later, Pediatric Consultants is the only independent pediatric practice left in either county. Trust, convenience, and quality care sets them apart.

Dr. Steve Friesen

As a private practice, Pediatric Consultants does not profit from self-referral testing and the Doctors are not paid by how many patients they see in a year. These two issues can help the parent feel confident that tests are only ordered when necessary. There are also no obligations for referrals. Pediatric Consultant’s Providers make referrals based on the patient & family’s best interest and refer to a variety of specialists and hospitals. The patient’s needs are paramount. Another issue is that they also do not profit from selling prescription medications. Thus again, the parent can feel secure that only necessary prescriptions are being written. Additionally, in regards to physicals and general care, “As your child’s primary care provider we are aware of their medical history and other information pertinent to an accurate physical assessment, which is vital for your child’s health. We are local doctors and nurse practitioners. Our kids are growing up with your kids. We see you at school, church, and on the sports fields. We care about our neighbors. Our mission is to serve your family as patients and friends,” says Dr. Friesen.
The private practice group provides All Day Walk-in Care for patients, giving the convenience of an urgent care, but with the added quality of your family doctor. Open every Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the practice is a welcomed solution for sick children needing same day care, or parents needing last minuteappointments for their child. Close to everyday shopping and living, the practice’s central location allows appointments to seamlessly work with any busy family schedule. At Pediatric Consultants, children are cared for as people, not business clients.

Owners, Doctors, & Nurse Practitioners

Parents appreciate the atmosphere as well. Jenni Dudley, mother of three, explains, “The people that work here are parents and they bring that aspect. When I come in wearing Yoga pants and my hair in a ponytail with makeup on from last night because I’ve been up all night with a sick kid; they get it, and the never make me feel small about it.”

Trust. Convenience. Quality. Pediatric Consultants is on a mission to serve and care for your family.

You can find more information about this Christcentered practice located in Ontario, online at:, or by visiting their Facebook Page, or via the telephone:
896 N. Lexington-Springmill Road
Mansfield Ohio 44906

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