The Best and Worst Coupon Offers

No one really wants your 10%

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by Shane Hostetler in Building Your Local Business

There are quite a few top redeeming coupons, but the most successful is FREE. Most often it’s a buy one get one FREE offer, but a FREE X with Y purchase offer is very effective, too. Anytime your ad has the word FREE in it, people will notice.

So any time I use the word “free”, I’m golden, right? Well, no. If you try to offer a free cup of coffee with a $100 purchase, you won’t see much results. By making an offer more relevant, the coupon has a greater appeal. Buy one, get one FREE offers are the most popular, and for good reason.

There are many “bad” coupon offers, but the absolute worst offer is 10% OFF. It’s really just not a good deal. Beyond that, it has been so overdone through the years that consumers tend to overlook it as an actual sale. This offer screams, “I don’t really want to do a coupon to gain your business; but if I must, I’m not going to offer you much.”

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