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Dennis Riggans always had a knack for mechanics, he even rebuilt his older brother’s engine when he was in the sixth grade. Growing up in a small Pennsylvania farming community with 12 brothers and sisters, Dennis learned to take care of things himself and work for what he wanted. From his first job at the age of ten to rebuilding a car at 16, Dennis learned the value of a strong work ethic. He started working for a local contractor after graduating high school, gaining hands-on experience in all things construction. The mechanics of the HVAC trade reminded him of the fun he had working on engines and machines as a kid.

When the steel industry took a hit and local jobs dwindled, Dennis and his wife moved back to her hometown of Bellville, OH. Dennis got a job working maintenance at a local bank. Through his time there, he met and worked alongside service techs at a refrigeration company in town and was eventually offered a position doing installs, running mechanical piping, and more. Dennis stayed with the company for a few years, gaining experience and honing his skills until branching out to start his own company.

Dennis saw a need for a good, honest residential heating and air conditioning contractor, “After much consideration, I decided that franchising would be the best way to launch a residential division. My research brought me to AireServ, it was the best fi t and highest quality company.”

Dennis’s application for a Mansfield franchise was approved, and AireServ of Mansfield officially launched in April of 2015. Only a few months later, on October 17th, tragedy struck. Dennis was installing siding on his house when his ladder fell, taking him with it to the concrete below. The 10 foot fall left Dennis with a shattered right leg, fractured left leg, and fractured shoulder. After a hospital stay and surgery, he was back in the office full time (with a walker and wheelchair) by the following Monday. Dennis recalls his not-so-gradual return to work, “after a week in the office, I was back out to job sites to do estimates and check in. Job sites aren’t the most walker-friendly, if there were steps, I went up backwards. It might not have been what my doctors wanted me to be doing, but I had a business to run.” When asked what the traumatic experience taught him, Dennis answered, “Adversity shows what you’re made of. It’s my job to ensure our customers are taken care of and my employees have work. My needs and wants are secondary. Overcoming those hurdles makes you stronger.” That same drive sets the high standard for every employee of AireServ. Dennis attributes the success of AireServ to the value of care and communication customers get before, during, and after service. From a social media presence to emailing customers a photo of their service tech when he’s on the way, AireServ strives to maintain a high level of professionalism. Further setting themselves apart from others in the industry, AireServ offers a 10 year part and labor warranty, allowing customers to protect their investments without hassle or worry. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional hvac contractor, look no further than AireServ of Mansfield. Give them a call at 419-528-5981 or visit online at

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