Frequently Asked Questions •

Q. What kind of response can I expect from an ad?

A. We have had clients redeem one coupon from a big ticket sale and be pleased with their response. We’ve also had clients redeem thousands of coupons from a single issue. Response varies greatly depending on business type and coupon offer.

Q. What areas do you serve?

A. We currently serve three main markets: Mansfield (Richland County), Marion (Marion County), and Wooster (Wayne County). Within each market, we mail to over 20,000-22,000 targeted homes.

Q. How are the magazines distributed?

A. We mail directly through the US Postal Service. We have postal receipts with proof of delivery available upon request.

Q. How much does advertising cost?

A. While we offer various new customer specials and discounts, our ads start at $299 or less than 1.5¢ per home!

Q. What all is included in price?

A. Everything – Our price is all inclusive. We don’t have additional charges for ad creation, layout, or placement!