How To Save on your Grocery Bill

Feeding The Family Isn't Easy

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by Megan Kahoun in Savvy Shopper

Feeding a family is hard enough without the rising costs of food. It’s becoming even more expensive to eat healthily. The cost of fresh produce compared to a dollar cheeseburger is leaving moms across the country frustrated. To help stretch every dollar, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks to feed your family without breaking the bank.

  1. This isn’t new news, but it’s worth a mention: don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. Eating before you shop can help prevent impulse buying and extra snacks–especially at the checkout line.
  2. Plan your meals in advance. Before you go the store, make a list of all the meals you’ll be making in the next week or so. Once you know what you’ll be making, make a list of all the items you will need. Before you head to the store, cross off everything you already have in your pantry.
  3. Plan your meals according to sale items. Before you make your list of meals, browse the sale ads. If there’s a great sale on ham this week, think about making a meal or two around that sale item.
  4. Take advantage of store apps, rewards, promotions and more. Many chain grocers have mobile apps or reward programs. You can often find special promotions that aren’t normally offered.
  5.  Be careful with your coupons. Do coupons save you money? Yes. Can coupons cost you money? Also yes. Just because you have a coupon for toothpaste doesn’t mean that you need to buy another tube this week. Be careful to not buy items you don’t usually buy, solely because you have a coupon.
  6. Set a budget, and stick to it.
  7. Keep a running total of how much you’re spending. Every time you add an item to your cart, make a mental note or put it in your calculator. This will help you make better budget-friendly decisions, and avoid an unwanted surprise at the checkout.
  8. Limit your visits to the store. Try and shop less than once a week. It’s easier to spend $40 three times a week than $100 once a week.
  9. Only buy what you need. A buy three get one free deal is only beneficial if you will use four.
  10. At the grocery store, stick to groceries. Most groceries stores have convenience departments for gifts and household goods like cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, and even electronics. Be careful to price shop and no what is and is not a good price.

Do you have tips and tricks that save you money? Share your secrets in the comment box below!


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