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When James (Jim) Anthony Griffths was 11 years old, his parents opened and operated along-termm care facility. Jim grew up seeing the joy in residents when they are cared for with love and respect. As an adult, he found the same passion to care for residents as his parents and worked for them at their facility in Cleveland. After leaving to work for other providers, Jim saw a need for facilities with a focus on residents, not profi ts. In 2005, he saw an opportunity to run his own facility.


Mr. Jim Griffths at the 2005 Ribbon Cutting

Jim was looking to purchase an existing home with a small, family-like atmosphere. His search led him to Marion. In 1958, the property at 409 Bellefontaine became a long-term care facility. It changed hands several times over the years, but in 2005, Jim acquired the facility and started JAG Healthcare. Shortly after that, Jim expanded to purchase the Harding Pointe (340 Oak Street) location.

All JAG facilities are skilled nursing and rehabilitation locations, offering care for those in need of rehab, long-term care, hospice services and more. Despite having multiple locations, Jim is involved in daily operations and visits each location often, getting to know all of the staff and residents at each facility. When Jim is on site for a visit, the residents are the absolute top priority. The engagement of the CEO and the leadership team trickles down to the entire staff, which brings the best resident care possible. Administrator Dixie Waite puts it best, “Bricks and mortar do not provide care, we do. We have residents who left fancy, state of the art facilities to come to our humble home solely because of the way our residents are treated.”

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JAG Healthcare Marion Specializing in Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation

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When Judy moved into JAG Marion, she was in a bad place. She bounced from home to home and was even homeless for a time. Physically, she was in great pain and emotionally, she was lonely and numb. When asked how she feels after living at JAG Marion, she says, “Everybody was worried about me when I moved in. They didn’t force their way into my heart, but my heart opened. I used to live in a house with people who took advantage of me. I feel safe here.” Known throughout the facility for her young heart and giant smile, Judy is an advocate for others who think long-term residential care is not for them, “I thought I didn’t want to live in a nursing home because people told me they weaved baskets there! I would tell others you can find an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, where they look after you. Other places I visited were depressing, but I loved the staff and other residents here. ”

At some point, many will have to make tough decisions regarding long-term care for themselves or a loved one. It’s crucial to give it time and thought before an injury or illness occurs and you are forced to make a rushed decision. Regardless of insurance provider, or hospital recommendations, services at JAG Healthcare are open to anyone that chooses to use them. JAG Healthcare is also a Medicare/ Medicaid provider. Some may think they only have one option for long-term care, but JAG’s services are available to anyone that requests them. If you have a loved one in long-term care, or fi nd yourself caring for a loved one, educate yourself and have your questions answered with a visit to one of the JAG Healthcare facilities.

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