Johnson Property Services


In 1974, Erik Johnson was working full time as a firefighter for Marion Township, when he saw an opportunity on his off duty days to earn extra income for his family. Erik started removing snow for local residents and businesses in the winter. Erik’s new business started gaining momentum as word of mouth led to more and more clients.

He would rely on the help of close friends and family to ensure everyone was taken care of. As Erik and Cheryl’s business grew, so did their family. From the very start, Erik’s mission was to take care of his customers to the best of his abilities. With the acquisition of his first major account, L&K Hotel, Erik knew he could grow the company beyond snow removal services. His dedication paid off as he started to get requests to take care of properties in the warmer months as well. Fast forward to the early 80s and mowing and lawn care services were added to the list of services JPS provided. Growing up in a family run business, Jason Johnson never experienced a time where he wasn’t involved on some level. Some of his earliest memories include riding with his dad plowing snow. He remembers his father’s drive to grow the business, “in the late 80s, we drove past the site of the new Walmart and my dad looked at me and said so matter-of factly, ‘I’m going to plow snow there.’ And a few months later, he did.”

BNI snow start

Erik with his “fleet” of plows, 1978

JPS continued to grow and in 1996, Jason came on full time. Jason was in college at this time but left to help with the business when his grandmother’s health started to decline. Unlike Jason, Amber moved away after high school to attend BGSU and worked in Toledo, but made her way back home when their other grandmother was having health problems and Cheryl was going through another battle with cancer. To help ease her mother’s load, Amber came on full time in 2005 to manage accounts, safety, HR, and help run the office. Jason and Amber brought energy and drive. They wanted to do business as they’ve always done, but with a renewed focus on relationships and details. Jason explains, “There’s a big difference between working with a family and doing business with a large corporation. Our family name is on every project—every lawn we mow, patio we create, space we design—we take a lot of pride in that. We aren’t driven by numbers or sales quotas. Taking care of our neighbors and friends keeps us going.”


Three Generations of Johnson Property Services

Johnson Property Services started taking on more landscaping projects, as well as designing outdoor kitchens, pergolas, decks, and more. Landscape design/build grew quickly and has become an area of great expertise and creativity for the team. As the company grows, Jason, Amber, and the Johnson Property Services team remain committed to helping their clients create curb appeal and enhance the beauty of backyards. Amber explains, “Our clients share our passion for the outdoors, whether its to make a business inviting for customers, or to entertain and relax at home. Homeowners want to spend more time outside and enjoy it, and businesses want to draw in and welcome customers, so we create the perfect space to make that possible.” Johnson Property Services offers professional landscape design and installation, outdoor kitchens, paver patio and retaining wall installation, tree shrub and perrenial gardens, natural stone pathways, irrigation, full service facility maintenance, and more. If you’re in need of lawn maintenance, full landscape design, or anything in between, The Johnson Family and their team are ready to help. You can visit them in person at 570 West Center Street in Marion, online at

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