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Family Values has spent the last 20+ years developing lasting relationships. By consistently delivering local value to our readers’ mailbox, we have brought new customers to small business owners and helped them grow. Our product has come to be respected and valued in the local community. Consumers recognize our commitment to local and they appreciate our consistent value. This connection, along with our increasing distribution, has given us the opportunity to bring a new type of value to both our clients and our readers. Community Spotlights are stories about local businesses. They are sprinkled in among our regular coupons and advertisements. We are so excited to bring this values to consumers in a new and exciting way! These advertorial articles aren’t coupons, but rather a more personal storytelling format such as:

  • the story behind a family business
  • a spotlight on a non-profit
  • highlighting a new division or product line of a growing local company
  • new owners to a business telling their story


“We have been thrilled with our Community Spotlight advertorial in Family Values Magazine. Our goal was to tell the story of the recent transformation at the Library and it came through beautifully with the editorial format and pictures. Response has been fantastic! We were excited to hear from a number of people who mentioned the featured editorial. We would recommend any organization that has a “story” to tell, to advertise in the Community Spotlight with Family Values!” Gary Banson Executive Director, Marion Public Library  

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