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It seems like there’s an app for everything now; its unavoidable. Whether its banking, checking the weather, or looking up some information, we can do almost anything from our phones! To make the use of apps, we’ve compiled a list of great money saving apps!

  1. Budgeting. The first step to saving money is to know how you’re spending it. Budgeting apps like Mint by Intuit can be linked to your credit and debit cards to help you track where your money goes, and set budgets for items like gas, bills, grocery, dining, shopping, and more!
  2. Cash back apps. There are a lot of cash back apps out there, but Ibotta is one of the best. With a variety of retailers, and new offers and bonuses added daily, you’ll be sure find cash back offers on items you’re already buying. All you have to do is add the offer and scan your receipt with your phone. Drop is a similar app that earns you points at specific retailers that you can redeem for a wide variety of offers!
  3. Store Specific Apps. Nearly all big box stores have an app, and the majority have specific offers and coupons that you can use to save on the everyday products you’re already buying!
  4. Restaurants. Whether it’s fast food, take out, or dining in, many restaurants have apps that offer coupons and membership perks like free rewards!
  5. Notable mention: Local apps like LocaLynx can save you money on a wide variety of local business, all in one place!
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