5 Tips to Finding Well Qualified Employees

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by Shane Hostetler in Building Your Local Business

The number one issue we hear from small business owners is how hard it is to find, and keep, great employees. We’ve done our research to bring you five easy tricks to find employees that will do their job, and do it well.

1. Create a Well Defined Job Posting

Think about your ideal job candidate. Create a posting that both attracts the type of employee you’d like to have on your team, as well as discourages the type of employee you don’t.

2. Fine Tune Job Description Parameters

Don’t post vague descriptions. Be clear on what is and is not required. If you need a future employee to be able to do X, then specify that it is nonnegotiable. Work compatible personalities are important, but a charming personality won’t help if they can’t handle their tasks.

3. Be on the Lookout for Red Flags

Protect yourself from wasting valuable time and resources hiring and training an unfit employee. Watch for resume red flags such as: lengthy employment gaps, spelling/grammar erros, lack of relevant experience, and long or overdrawn explanations.

4. Don’t Ignore Cover Letters

Cover letters can expose great candidates. Pay attention to candidates demonstrating significant industry knowledge and those that have done research specifically into your company.

5. Expand Your Network

Use resources like job fairs, area chambers, business networking groups, and even friends and family to find trusted candidates.


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