Ways to Save

Reading this list could really pay off.

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by Megan Kahoun in Savvy Shopper

Everyone is looking to make a paycheck last longer. Listed are 18 ways to save that you may haven’t even thought about.

  1. take advantage of free customer rewards programs
  2. write a list before shopping… and stick to it!
  3. invite friends over instead of going out
  4. learn basic sewing skills and repair clothing instead of tossing it out
  5. avoid convenience/fast food restaurants
  6. take advantage of books, CDs and DVDs at the library
  7. cancel unused club memberships
  8. buy used when you can
  9. try out generic brands on items you use often
  10. cook meals at home instead of going out
  11. swap babysitting with neighbors
  12. take advantage of leftovers
  13. pack your own lunch for work
  14. start a garden
  15. pack food for road trips
  16. carpool
  17. buy staples in bulk
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