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"We started advertising with Shane and the team at Family Values when we first opened our Meat Market and they have been instrumental in our growth and success. The magazine delivers consistent response and our highest return on investment. They are always looking for creative ways to help us grow our market share and connect with new customers. They are more than a vendor, they are a marketing partner."

Mary Anne Kettering

Owner, Mary Anne's Meats

"Family Values Magazine is the number one leads source for our company. Our roofing ads have brought in multiple roofing jobs, as well as interior restoration work. The Family Values team understands how consumers think. We are able to rely on their expertise to create an ad that makes the phone ring."

Jason Neal

Jason Neal Owner, JN Construction

"We were looking for a new alternative to the yellow pages to help our business grow. Family Values Magazine allowed us the flexibility of making the advertisement seasonally relevant. Most importantly, we see multiple jobs from every issue. Family Values is a very effective way to advertise in the Mansfield Market."

Dina Gonzales

Owner, D&W Auto Glass

"We have advertised with Family Values for over 10 years. In that time we have had many different marketing goals. Their team has helped us come up with the right coupon offers that drive traffic, but still maintain profit. We appreciate their experience and look to them as one of our most valuable marketing partners."

Roger Henry

Owner, Alta Florist & Greenhouse

"We have an upscale brand and we are looking for a certain type of consumer. Family Values has consistently driven this specific demographic through our doors. They are truly our marketing partner!"

Dan Lew

Owner/Operator, China Club

"As an independent pediatric office, we are looking for value in advertising. Family Values has delivered great value for us with their emphasis on quality and a targeted demographic. More specifically, our Community Spotlight advertisement in the magazine was the most successful single ad we have run. It allowed us to tell our story to the community and they responded; both from the printed magazine and from the social media post. We continue to utilize Family Values to deliver important information about children's health to the Mansfield Area."

Don Belsterling

CEO, Pediatric Consultants

"We are looking to g row our business and were looking for the rig ht advertising to help us. Family Values has been just what we were looking for. The magazine delivers great response from the neighborhoods we want to work in. 95% of the calls we receive from FV turn into jobs. It is by far the best advertising ROI we have found in our area."

Amanda Heinberger

Owner, K&A Tree Service

"We are always looking for opportunities to share what's new and exciting at the mall with our local community. Family Values has the reach and shelf life that helps us communicate with our patrons. Although we don't typically do coupons, the information we share has kept us connected with our customers and we have gotten great feedback. We have also done some successful social media campaigns with the magazines. Family Values Magazine is one of our most important marketing partners in the Mansfield Market."

Jodi Scott

General Manager, Richland Mall

"We have advertised with Family Values Magazine for over 20 years. We utilize the magazine to remind the community about specific service lines and we know it works from the hundreds of coupons that come back each issue. We run a new customer special several times a year, and after 20 years, FV continues to bring in new customers!"

Jon Roberts

Owner, Brass Hanger Cleaners



“"I use the coupons many times; but most of all I've seen great results with the front page ad we've been running for Tri-Rivers Career Center.”

Ellen Messenger

Director of Communications, Tri-Rivers Career Center

"We have been thrilled with our Community Spotlight advertorial in the Family Values Magazine. Our goal was to tell the story of the recent transformation at the library and it came through beautifully with the editorial format and pictures. Response from the ad has been fantastic! We were excited to hear from a number of people who mentioned the featured editorial."

Gary Branson

Executive Director, Marion Public Library

"On one of our first ads from FV, I got a call from an apartment manager who replaced every A/C unit in the apartment complex. Since then, we have continued to get both services and sales business."

Aaron Mollet

Owner, PJ's Heating and Cooling

"We have advertised with Family Values every tax season for the last 10 years, and over that time, our average ROI is $20 return for every $1 spent."

Jean Obenour

Owner, Custom Professional Accounting

"We've used Family Values Magazine for over 10 years. We continue to see the same great return as we did when we first started. Marketing has changed so much, but Family Values continues bring customers to our doors."

Jeff Adkins

Owner, Dairy Queen



“We appreciate Family Values and use the coupons at our own home! As a marketing piece, we like the targeted demographic and family-friendly feel. I got a call from the very first issue from what could possibly be my largest client.”


Whitaker Myers Wealth Management

“We received calls from Family Values immediately. We are thrilled we found a mail marketing piece that generates new clients!”

Donald Walton

Agent, Health Markets

“We've been pleasantly surprised at the shelf-life and response from the magazine. When we've done other coupon ads, we've seen limited response for about a week after the ad went out. With Family Values, we have received coupons for a full two months, letting us know people are hanging on to the magazine long after it arrives in their mailbox.”

Jackie Buckwalter

Owner, Ride On Wooster

“Our local marketing specialist helped us develop offers that work without giving away all of our profits. We have been blown away by the response! We have received hundreds of coupons from our very first issue, and they keep coming right up to the next issue.”

Jake Schlabach

Owner, East Union Bulk Foods

“Family Values has delivered a tremendous return on investment by bringing the customers we are looking for through our doors and helping us grow.”

Brett Morlock

Owner, Boots Shoes & More

“We've advertised in other Wooster area mailers for years. We received more response from our first two issues with Family Values than we've gotten in over three years of advertising with the other mailers.”

Becky Macar

Owner, Family Pools and Spas

“Our ROI from Family Values has been over 1 Ox! We're getting calls from homes in the neighborhoods we want to be working in. We've never seen response like this from a new marketing piece.”

Corey Parsons

Owner, Rogue Tree Solutions

“We've advertised with Family Values Magazine for over 10 years. They consistently bring the ROI we're looking for from our marketing and help us continue to grow.”

Trent Dawson

Franchisee Owner, Mr. Rooter

“Our first issue has led to three jobs! The team at Family Values was great to work with and helped create a good looking ad with coupons that generate phone calls. Thanks, Family Values!”

Reuben Miller

Owner, Country Roofing, LLC

“In the last 2 weeks, all 4 appointments that came in were from FV. They were the right kind of calls and we sold 3 of the 4 already! Thanks, Family Values!”

Jason Page

Owner, Budget Blinds

“We have never received many coupons when we've tried them in the past, but Family Values has been different. We got more coupons redeemed in the first issue than any other piece we have ever done.”

Lee Sensor

Owner, Wooster Appliance

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