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Kindred Hospice

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Kindred goes above and beyond to serve those who have served in the military. Pinning services are available to all veterans.

Hospice Care is not a last ditch effort, nor is it care for those who have given up on life. Hospice is keeping you in the driver’s seat of your health; focusing on the quality of life within the quantity remaining. Kindred Hospice offers individualized care beyond pain and symptom management.

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Becky Schifer with a patient and her nurse, Leanne

Kindred Hospice is part of parent company, Kindred Healthcare. Founded in Louisville, KY, Kindred Healthcare has expanded its services across the country, bringing hospice care to the community of Marion, OH in 2007. Marion embraced Kindred, prompting the addition of the Marion office on Delaware Ave in 2013. Today, Kindred Hospice is proud to be a growing Marion business employing 30 local people.

The team at Kindred Hospice shares a unique passion for enriching the lives of those affected by a terminal prognosis. Before coming to Kindred, Becky Schifer was a rehabilitation nurse, “When my younger sister was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer, our world was turned upside down. By the time we were referred to hospice, we only had four hours of care before she passed. After that experience, I knew I had to help people better understand hospice.” Becky joined Kindred Hospice as a  marketing manager with a mission to educate the public and maximize care for hospice patients and their families.

Conversations about death and dying tend to be the white elephant in the room. No one wants to talk about it, but important discussions need to take place. By the time hospice is contacted, often times it’s too late. 35% of those admitted to the program pass within 7 days and a shocking 63% pass before 30 days. The team at Kindred Hospice wants to help families have accurate information. Manager of Clinical Practice Michelle Campbell adds, “ Many don’t even realize that hospice is a benefit completely covered by Medicare and Medicaid. We’ve even cared for patients for six months, or longer, without them paying a single penny.”

What’s so special about Kindred? The people. It has become a priority to hire a staff that not only share a passion for those being cared for by hospice, but are also local. The team at Kindred isn’t just treating patients, they’re providing care for their neighbors. No two patients or families are exactly alike. Taking the time to put the patient and his or her family first, the team will go above and beyond to meet their needs, as well as their wishes. For example, when a recent patient wanted to celebrate his anniversary with his wife, but was unable to leave his bed, the team made the necessary arrangements for a memorable candlelight dinner.

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The team at Kindred Hospice of Marion

Doing whatever it takes to best serve the community, Kindred’s efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. The husband of a recent patient conveyed his gratitude, “I’d like to thank the team 100 times over for the care my family received. I underestimated the value of Hospice until this experience with my wife. I thought Hospice only comes at the very end, but now I know it’s so much more than that.” The Kindred Hospice team would like to answer any and all questions regarding hospice care. No one knows how much time he or she has, but if you have the ability to have better care, why not embrace the resources and opportunity.

You can call Kindred Hospice 24/7 at 740-223-3452 or visit at 1199 Delaware Ave, Suite 102 (A) in Marion, OH 43302.

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