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Family has been foundational to PJ’s Heating and Cooling from the beginning. In fact, founders Phyllis (P) and James (J) Mollet put their initials together to create the company name. Prior to PJ’s, Jim was working as a maintenance tech at TODCO where he repaired heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment among other things. He started working on friends and family’s equipment on the weekends, but soon found himself ready to quit his previous job and focus on PJ’s full time with his wife Phyllis in 1967.

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Aaron, Phyllis, & Jim Mollet

The business grew and, in 1977, so did the Mollet Family. Growing up with small business owners made an impact on Aaron. He recalls, “I remember when I was probably 6 or 7, going to the shop on South Main and watching my dad work on equipment. I had no idea then what I was in for.” Jim and Phyllis’s approach to business was simple: treat everyone like family. This meant offering fair prices, always doing right by their customer, and building long term relationships. Aaron started to see a future in the business for himself when he became a teenager. He graduated from the Tri-Rivers HVAC tech program and was ready get to work alongside his dad.

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Aaron & AJ: Generations 2 & 3 of PJ’s

One of Aaron’s first A/C installation jobs was especially memorable, “my dad was a simple guy and kind of stubborn. My mom had been asking for air conditioning for years and he just didn’t see the need for it. Not long after I came on board, Mom and Dad went on a well deserved vacation. The guys and I took it upon ourselves to install a new A/C unit while they were gone. Mom was absolutely thrilled!” Aaron continued to learn the business from Jim while Phyllis ran the books.

In 2002, Jim knew Aaron was ready to lead the business and he retired. Aaron remembers the challenge of the boss’s kid taking over in his twenties, “The guys weren’t excited about taking orders from a ‘kid’ but I remembered what dad taught me: treat the guys like family. I tried to work harder and build relationships with them outside of work.” Soon the guys embraced Aaron and the business continued to thrive. Phyllis was looking to step out of the business to spend more time with her newly retired husband. Keeping it in the family, Aaron’s wife, Angela, took over the office work and the transition from first to second generation was complete. The business came full circle last year when the Mollets brought their 17 year old son, AJ, on board to help while their daughter, Aubri, fills in for Angela when needed.

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Pumpkin Seed only sells Angus-Cross beef that has been pastured and packed in Mansfield.

PJ’s Heating and Cooling has been serving Marion County for over 50 years. Recently a customer who has relied on PJ’s since the 70s reminded Aaron just how long he’s been doing this, “I remember when you were just a kid following your dad around. That must have been 30 years ago.” Aaron, thinking about that kid who had so much to learn reflects back on his career, “the industry has changed so much since we started. Every company used to be family run and now we are one of the last ones left. HVAC service companies are getting bought up and just don’t seem to care like they used to. That’s one aspect that will always set us apart. When we answer the phone, you aren’t a job to us. You are a person with a problem, and we are here to help.”

“Dad always took care of people. If he had to let them make payments or if he had to come late at night to get someone’s heat back on, he would do what had to be done to help, just like he would have done if it was our furnace that needed fixed. It’s an honor to carry on his legacy.”

- Aaron Mollet

Jim Mollet passed away ten years ago and Phyllis just this past year, but the Mollet family legacy lives on. “I think of Mom and Dad; the foundation they built and the opportunity they gave me to provide for my family while helping people. Angela and I hope to pass this legacy onto our children the same way Mom and Dad did for me.” PJ’s Heating and Cooling provides repair, replacement, and maintenance services for residential and commercial hvac systems. Whether you need a tune up, repair or new furnace/AC PJ’s can help. Visit pjsheatingandcooling.com or call 740-382-6141 for more information.

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