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In 2009, Eric Boliantz and his wife Elizabeth arrived at the bank with one goal: to secure a small business loan and make their dream a reality. The newly married twenty-somethings had a strong work ethic, experience, and a concept they knew would be successful. Eric spent his childhood in the family hardware store learning from his father about the long hours and dirty jobs it took to make a small business work


Pumpkin Seed is one of the largest NOW dealers in North Central OH!

He started when he was eight years old and had been working toward this day his whole life. All that was left was to finalize the loan and open Mansfield’s first Amish bulk food store. Unfortunately, the banks didn’t see it that way. “Those were hard days,” Eric recalls, “they told us it would never work. We decided we wanted the community to decide if it would work or not... not the bank. We believed in our idea and were willing to do whatever it took.” Fortunately for the Mansfield area, Eric and Elizabeth didn’t give up easily.

Eric isn’t the first generation of small business owners, or even the second. “My great grandmother and great aunt had a local grocery store, so I guess you could say the grocery business is in our blood.” In talking with his great aunt, she passed on simple advice; “Provide a good product, at a reasonable price, do right by your customers and you’ll be fine.” Her words ring true today as Pumpkin Seed Market enters their second decade serving Mansfield Area families. In early 2010, Eric and Elizabeth were still striking out with funding and a location. Eric’s father, Don, was transitioning out of the hardware business when he stepped in to lend a hand and get the ball rolling. The Lord opened the door for the Boliantzes to connect with a banker in Amish Country that understood their vision granted them the loan they needed. After building the store from the ground up, Pumpkin Seed Market officially opened their doors in October of 2011.


Pumpkin Seed Market is located at 1625 Executive Drive, right off Lexington Avenue in Mansfield.

It took time for the community to understand what an Amish bulk food store offers. “One of our early customers thought all we carried were pumpkin seeds,” said Eric with a smile. “It would have taken a lot of pumpkin seeds to fill this building.” Pumpkin Seed Market has evolved through the years, expanding their offerings based on the needs of its customers. Of course they offer a variety of Amish bulk foods and grocery staples, but they also feature NOW supplements, dent-n-bent groceries, a full service deli, fresh produce, and most recently, fresh beef that is raised on their own farm. Hand selected offerings aren’t the only difference someone might notice in their shopping experience at Pumpkin Seed Market. Like many other industries, the world of grocery shopping has changed as store profits have taken center stage and the local corner store approach is increasingly rare. “Stop in and be welcomed by friendly and knowledgeable staff in an easy-tonavigate store. We are here to help you find what you need and get home to your family.” All employees are cross trained on item locations and always looking to help. This approach has hit home for customers, “We have built meaningful relationships with our customers, they are like family, they come see us around holidays, we are a part of their traditions. What we do is special and meaningful, we feed families. We help people make memories around meals and events.”


Pumpkin Seed only sells Angus-Cross beef that has been pastured and packed in Mansfield.

“The products on our shelves are the same products in our family’s pantry and refrigerator. We partner with many local and regional companies that share our values. We’re proud to promote fellow family businesses that are passionate about the quality products they produce.”

- Eric Boliantz

Pumpkin Seed Market has been a family affair for generations, and that doesn’t stop with Eric. “Our boys are growing up here, learning the ropes like I did watching my dad. They have many discussions about what products we should carry.” When jokingly asked what advice he’d give regarding a future in the grocery business, Eric responded, “A wise lady once said ‘provide a good product, at a reasonable price, do right by your customers and you’ll be fine.’ It’s worked great so far.” That’s a lesson that will no doubt groom the boys well for a future of serving the community in one capacity or another. No matter what’s on your grocery list, the team at Pumpkin Seed Market is ready to help.


Pumpkin Seed Market carries an impressive selection of grocery staples, kitchen supplies, Dent-n-Bent groceries, Amish bulk foods, local produce, and much more!

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