Lawson Chiropractic

Lawson Chiropractic


The Lawson family has called Marion home for generations. Dr. AB Lawson was a dentist who treated President Harding’s family. A few generations later, John Lawson, DC was working as an EMT after graduating from Chiropractic school when he purchased a practice in Kenton in 1967. Years later, Dr. John began working at his practice part time in Marion twice a week and eventually sold the Kenton practice to be full time in Marion.


Born and raised in Marion, Dr. John Lawson was a friend to everyone. He treated generations of families, going above and beyond to make patients feel important. He wanted a practice where patients would be considered family, not just a name on a file. Dr. John would take however much time needed with his patients to do what is best both physically and mentally. People knew a visit offered more than a simple adjustment; they’d walk away feeling like they spent time with a friend. Treatments were designed with a patient’s whole health in mind, and his patients knew Dr. Lawson was there when they needed him.

Doing odd jobs, working the front desk and helping out wherever needed, the family-like atmosphere was all Dr. John’s daughter, Shahara Lawson knew. After graduating high school, Shahara studied accounting, before eventually changing her major to follow in her father’s footsteps and attend Chiropractic school. There she met Dr. Kevin Snyder. When Dr. Kevin graduated in 2000, he joined his father-in-law’s practice before Dr. Shahara followed a few months later.
Drs. Kevin & Shahara worked alongside Dr. John, growing the practice and learning from him. When asked about working with her dad Dr. Shahara remembers, “I learned more from working with my dad than I did in 8 years of school.” The three doctors were working together quite well when the unthinkable happened.


While in Columbus for a party, Dr. John Lawson suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on November 1, 2008. The loss of Dr. Lawson impacted the community well beyond the practice. Some said they had never seen a funeral so big since President Harding’s wife. Drs. Kevin and Shahara lost more than a father; they were without the head of the practice. Dr. Kevin stepped forward and continued the family friendly atmosphere, going beyond a standard patient-doctor relationship. Dr. Shahara remembers the adjustment, “A patient came in for the first time since my dad died and was in tears. She said it took her a couple of years to come in knowing that my dad wasn’t here. That’s when I realized that this practice is where I’m meant to be. I love my job. I love my community. And I love keeping my dad’s legacy alive by continuing his way.”


When asked what makes Lawson Chiropractic different, Dr. Kevin responds, “Many people have had to sign expensive contracts for multiple visits with a chiropractor. We don’t do that here. You come in with a problem, we treat you, and you come back when you need us.” Drs. Kevin and Shahara are making the practice their own: adding new treatments like laser therapy and decompression. But their focus on patients and community remains. Dr. Shahara reflects, “We could have never started a practice like the one my dad built, he gave us a legacy of caring for people’s physical health while also caring about them personally.”
If you’re looking for safe, professional treatment with a family-like atmosphere, visit Lawson Chiropractic at the same location its been for nearly 50 years: 1075 E Center St, Marion, OH 43302 or give them a call at (740) 387-1509

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