Marion Community Credit Union

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In 1950s Marion, doctors, lawyers, and successful businessmen had a variety of banking services, but blue collar workers had no place to go. In 1960, the Erie Railroad workers took the matter into their own hands. Fed up with being denied loans and other banking services, they pooled their resources to establish what would eventually become Marion Community Credit Union (MCCU). Known then as Marion Erie Credit Union, financing was finally available to everyone and the middle class workers began to thrive.

The new, state-chartered credit union offered a few basic services (such as savings and loans) and membership was only available to employees of certain companies and their families. Over decades of success and growth, Marion Community Credit Union expanded both the services offered (checking, auto loans, home loans, online and digital services) and the people who could benefit from them. People who live, work, or learn in Marion County became eligible for membership in 1998. More recently, Morrow County was included.
While providing the standard services traditional banks offer, credit unions are community focused. With traditional banks, start up money comes from investors, thus returning profits to investors, not members. Credit unio

Credit unions differ in that initial funding comes directly from the same people using the services, allowing profits to be directed back to member accounts. This typically leads to better rates and lower fees. While this is true for most credit unions, MCCU makes an effort to see people over profits. Handling everything locally has been a priority at MCCU. “What matters isn’t what happens the moment you sign loan papers,” explains Daniel Bradshaw (Business Development Officer), ”it’s who’s taking care of you when life happens two or three years down the line. You call and have your questions answered by the people who know you. Your information doesn’t get transferred halfway around the world to become another note on a numbered account. You’re taken care of here in Marion.”

Before working at MCCU, Bradshaw experienced the benefits first hand. “My wife and I were young and recently married. I made some financial mistakes and my wife had virtually no credit history. When no one else would help us out, MCCU took a chance on us, and now we’re proud homeowners! The care and respect we were given fueled my desire to work here. MCCU partnered with us to take us from our low to our next step and beyond!”
Marion Community Credit Union offers traditional banking services with the most up to date technological amenities other banks offer. Beyond the modern conveniences, MCCU focuses on member experiences first. MCCU member Kathy puts it best, “They don’t treat me like I’m a num

ber. I’m important when I walk in there. I might not be anywhere else, but I am when I go in there.” Servicing the entire community sets MCCU apart. Regardless of the dollar amount, every account is treated like a priority.

To see how you can benefit from a people over profit banking community, give them a call today at 740.389.9960 or visit Marion Community Credit Union in person at 300 Barks Road East or 810 Kenton Avenue in Marion, OH 43302 or online at You can follow MCCU on Facebook and Instagram at @marionccu

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