The Mansfield STARTEK site took its first call ten years ago on April 1st, 2008. Since then, STARTEK has not only become a prominent employer in the Mansfield area, they have also broken barriers and set standards in the industry. STARTEK is an inbound call center, serving as a third party call center for a variety of nationally recognized companies. They handle customer service, technical assistance, and more.

Like many companies, the first few years were challenging. It took time to find the proper leadership and the path to success. In 2012, the young Mansfield STARTEK site found itself at a crossroad. They had customers who were frustrated and employees that were frustrated. Don Kaufman explains, “We decided to focus on making this a great place to work. Happy team members take care of customers!” That shift in focus transformed STARTEK over the last five years. Fast forward to today and STARTEK Mansfield employs over 700 people and is consistently rated as a top call center in the USA. “We have seen a complete 180. Five years ago, no one wanted to work here. Today, our associates are telling their friends to come to STARTEK.” In fact, nine out of ten associates recommend STARTEK as a place to work. This culture change has also led to business growth. “We now have national brands who want to send their incoming calls to us; there are opportunities for true career growth here.”

Proper training is essential to the success of STARTEK Specialists

When asked about SARTEK’s growing success and how they set themselves apart from others in the industry, Site Director Jeff Patton attributes it to the way employees are cared for, “I have spent over 27 years in call centers, and I have never found another employer that treats their people the way we do. We care about our associates, both personally and professionally. If you are willing to put in the effort, we will meet you halfway and help you achieve your goals. That’s what we do every day; we help to improve our people’s lives.”

Ryan Baker has been with STARTEK since October of 2010

This growth would not be possible without dedicated and ambitious Brand Warriors like Ryan Baker. In 2010, Ryan was working at the front desk in a local hotel. Frustrated with unkept promises and the lack of advancement opportunities, he left to seek employment elsewhere. Ryan started at STARTEK in the fall of 2010 as an agent taking calls. With hard work and the right attitude, he advanced into supervisory and management roles. Over the last 8 years with STARTEK, Ryan has been promoted 7 times. His experience has developed new skills applicable to his job, as well as day to day life. Ryan reflects on what makes STARTEK different, “It’s like a family here, we take care of each other. Your supervisors and peers want you to succeed. Thanks to the support of those around me, I have gained the confidence to speak my opinion and lead.”

STARTEK is growing and adding new lines of business in the coming months. They are currently looking for team members to join the STARTEK family and grow along with them tienda. If you would like more information about STARTEK, you can find them on Facebook @STARTEK Mansfield or online at If you or someone you know may have an interest in learning more about the jobs that are currently available, contact Don Kaufman, Recruiting Manager at STARTEK. Don can be reached by phone at (419) 528-7850 or via email at

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