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In the late 90s, Tanya Franks was working in the restaurant industry. One night, she went to bed like normal, but awoke the next morning unable to walk. She later found out that despite being an otherwise healthy, active young woman, she fractured her ankle in her sleep.


Functional Nutritionist Tanya Franks 

She knew her body was trying to tell her something was wrong and she wouldn’t rest until she had the whole picture. Her quest for answers led Tanya on a new path that would change not only her career, but her life for the better. As she embarked on a journey toward whole health and wellness, she studied how the human body functions and pursued massage therapy. She worked alongside her mother in law in 2001 and spent the next few years specializing in neuromuscular massage therapy. 

She furthered her education as a digestive health practitioner before completing formal training as a certified natural health practitioner (CNHP) in 2007. In 2011, Tanya had the opportunity to work with Dr. Howard Loomis. “Dr Loomis helps people address their root problems using food, enzymes, and nutrients along with physiology. Learning from him helped everything click, and that’s when I knew I was finally in the right profession.” 

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Arukah offers several safe and effective physician-supervised services like IV Hydration Therapy and IM Vitamin Injections. 

In 2019, Tanya became a board certified Functional Nutritionist. While Tanya is quick to mention she is not a doctor, she partners with licensed providers to ensure the needs of her clients are met. Dr. Lisa Malys is the Medical Director at Arukah and has been practicing medicine for over 20 years. Before joining the team, Tammy Pratt was an Arukah regular. Now she is the head RN with over 35 years of experience. 

Tanya has found she’s not the only one to experience unexplained health issues. “We frequently see people at their wits end. They’ve tried everything, yet symptoms are not improving and no one is listening. Their body is telling them something is wrong, so we help translate.” Tanya explains, “Our physician-supervised IV therapies offer many different infusions that help energize and rejuvenate the body including anti-aging, focus, detox, injury recovery, immune support, athletic performance, and more. IV infusions and IM (intramuscular) injections help reverse daily stress while rehydrating and replenishing the body of depleted vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.” 

Nutrition is another key element to holistic health. By offering tailored testing, Tanya and the team at Arukah identify the right nutritional makeup for each individual and ensure nutrients consumed are absorbed correctly. “We look at how your body is designed to function and nourish it with specific foods, enzymes, and supplements according to your specific needs. We also offer food sensitivity, heavy metal, and micro-nutrient testing along with our other functional nutrition services.” Beyond nutrition and medically supervised treatments, Arukah Functional Wellness offers massage therapy, infrared light therapies, and thermography as well as a retail store filled with vitamins, herbs, probiotics, and enzymes. 

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 Dr. Lisa Malys, Tanya Franks, & Tammy Pratt RN 

Tanya took a huge leap of faith when she opened the wellness center and wanted the name to mean something. Arukah is a Hebrew word which means touched by God and completely healed, body, soul, spirit. Tanya explains, “We help people heal. I am not a doctor, but I am an expert at utilizing nutrition to solve health puzzles. I see too many people think they are just “getting older” or experience issues they “just have to live with”. That’s simply not always true. There’s usually something to be done and ways we can help.” 

The journey towards wellness begins with a single step, and at Arukah the first step is simple. “We start with a conversation, and you do most of the talking,” Tanya explains. “You know your body; you know when something is off. We listen and ask questions to clarify.” 

“My wife insisted I see Tanya at Arukah to help with complications to my Crohn’s Disease. After a brief examination and some tests, we made some immediate changes to my lifestyle. I quickly noticed changes for the better; less pain, increased energy, better digestion. In a course of 10 months, I have achieved a healthy body weight, better overall skin condition, and a greatly improved digestive tract. I look forward to continued improvements!” 

- Nick F.

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Arukah Functional Wellness offers memberships to access professional-grade products at a discounted price.

Next comes a deep dive into individual health. This may include bloodwork, urinalysis and other tests to determine how the body’s systems are functioning. For more information, visit them at online at or call 330-464- 3078 to schedule your free consultation. 


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