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Born and raised in Wayne County, Trevor Pertee watched his dad build a career in the construction trade. He had a hunch he would follow in his father’s footsteps, but after high school he was encouraged to continue his education. It didn’t take long for him to realize he was in the wrong place. Trevor explains, “On the first day, I went to my 8am class and did some reflecting. By 2pm I knew college was not my path to success. My dream career wasn’t waiting for me 4 years down the line, it was waiting for me to take the first step. I headed to the admissions office and asked to withdraw–with a refund. I guess you could say I gave it the old college try.”

Trevor left campus and never looked back. He got a job in the trade and finally felt he was doing what he was meant to do. Growing up watching and learning from his father paid off as he was leaps and bounds ahead of other guys his age. He started taking on side projects independent of his day job. Trevor knew one day he would be in business for himself, not clocking in to work for a big corporation.

When covid hit in 2020, many Americans were left without work. Trevor’s employer capped their budget and he found himself at a crossroads. He could wait it out or he could launch his own business and take control of his destiny. It was not a decision to take lightly, but Trevor knew the risk was worth the reward. In March of 2020, Pertee Renovations became Trevor’s full time focus. He was only 19, but had a wealth of knowledge and a network of experience. He relied on his father and grandfather’s lifelong careers in the trade to get started. He used them as a resource not only for their expertise, but also as a library of tools and equipment. By eliminating much of the start up costs, Trevor was able to start his business on solid footing and get to work taking on all sorts of projects.


He continued to tackle each project and grow his business. He was living out his dream, but underestimated the stress of running a business by himself. PR was growing faster than Trevor could keep up and he was trying to find a way to catch his breath. As luck would have it, he was offered a temporary position with his previous employer to manage some projects in Columbus. He took the opportunity to take a step back and spend the next few months gaining even more experience. He explained, “that time away was important. I gained a better perspective and learned what I did and did not want to do with my business. There are things I could have done to cut corners, but I knew I wanted to do things right. I came back stronger and ready to hit the ground running.”

In March of 2022, Trevor returned home ready to pick up where he left off. He already had a few customers lined up and was able bring on his dad, Jeff, to grow at a sustainable rate. It is more than just a job to Trevor. Treating every customer like family helps PR stand out. They have had multiple customers book them for one project and call back again when they have another down the line. Recent customer Marc N. recalls his experience, “We can not say enough of how great it was to work with them and the outcome of our basement project and garage addition. Quality of workmanship was amazing, staying within the estimated budget and within the time period promised to finish the project. They provided great input on design and explained in detail when changes needed to be made. We would highly recommend them and hope to use them again in the near future.” The PR team has the skill sets to handle every aspect of a project themselves.

“I enjoy building relationships with customers while getting to transform one of their most valuable assets, their home. When we renovate a kitchen, we are not just installing a new counter top. We are creating a space for a family to make memories for years, and possibly generations, to come.”

- Trevor Pertee

When nothing is handed off to a subcontractor, clients can have extra peace of mind with who is coming in and out of their homes.

Trevor and the team at Pertee Renovations are equipped to tackle any interior project including kitchen remodels, bathrooms, basements, additions, and anything in between. Call today for a free consultation.


The Pertee Renovations Team: Jeff Pertee, Tom Pertee, Trevor Pertee, & Mikey Dreher

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