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Born and raised in Wayne County, Reuben Miller grew up spending time outside and developing a strong work ethic. “We didn’t have video games so I would play with my siblings outdoors no matter the time of year. Outside was my happy place.” Reuben entered the workforce in his teens at a local furniture store. He liked the hands-on aspect of the job but wanted more. When David Miller offered him a job at Country Roofing, he jumped at the opportunity. As a roofer, Reuben not only got to work with his hands, but he also was able to be outdoors. The Country Roofing crew was small, giving Reuben the opportunity to learn every aspect of the business firsthand.

Reuben knew he finally found the career he was meant to have. “I enjoyed watching the transformation of someone’s home one job at a time. The hours were long and hard, but it was everything I was looking for in a career.” Reuben was a major contributor at Country Roofing for over a decade, working as the right-hand man for David and David’s brother, Jr., before he was offered the opportunity to buy the business in 2014. He purchased the company with the intent to grow. At that point, the company was down to a three-man crew, relying on other companies needing subcontractors to help finish jobs. They did a decent amount of projects, but weren’t working directly with customers. He saw an opportunity to build a brand name and better serve his community while maintaining the highest quality of workmanship.

When covid hit in 2020, many Americans were left without work. Trevor’s employer capped their budget and he found himself at a crossroads. He could wait it out or he could launch his own business and take control of his destiny. It was not a decision to take lightly, but Trevor knew the risk was worth the reward. In March of 2020, Pertee Renovations became Trevor’s full time focus. He was only 19, but had a wealth of knowledge and a network of experience. He relied on his father and grandfather’s lifelong careers in the trade to get started. He used them as a resource not only for their expertise, but also as a library of tools and equipment. By eliminating much of the start up costs, Trevor was able to start his business on solid footing and get to work taking on all sorts of projects.


More than just roofing, Country Roofing services include:

gutters, leaf guard, windows, siding, decks/porches, & more!

Reuben knew it would take a lot of strength and perseverance to grow his business to what he knew it could be. He remembers the first few years, “I’m a competitive person and love a challenge. I saw what was before me and I poured my heart and soul into making it better. Getting up at 3a.m., hitting the ground doing estimates, making sales, doing installs, and working into the night. Then I’d get home, go to bed, and wake up the next day and do it all again. We didn’t have an office staff back then; it was just me and my wife Jolene. I was exhausted but knew it would all be worth it. Without Jolene’s support, we never would have made it.”


The Country Roofing Leadership Team: Owners, Project Managers,

Office Manager, & Insurance Claims Specialist

If Reuben wanted to continue to grow, he was going to need more help. In 2016, Reuben acquired Country Windows & Siding in Apple Creek, allowing him to offer more products and services. Reuben added more guys to keep up with growing demand and in 2018, added a second crew to help serve customers without an extended wait. Reuben’s brother, Aaron, had worked alongside him in the past. His return brought additional skills including framing, electric, and general industry expertise. He bought into the business in 2019 and helped shape Country Roofing into the thriving business it is now. Country Roofing is a family affair, embracing all employees as if they’ve been in the Miller Family for years. The office is even located on the Miller Family’s Farm that is 3rd generation owned and where Reuben, Aaron, and their parents live.

Since Reuben took over back in 2014, his top priority has been, and continues to be, building relationships and putting people over profit. That approach to business has paid off. Reuben explains, “I had a lady contact us with a small chimney project. It was a small job, but we took care of it and she was happy with her service. After a large storm later that year, she referred us to many of friends and family. As a result of our initial assistance, she has referred a significant amount of friends and family our way.” Country Roofing’s goal is to take the stress off a client. Each job is assigned a project manager that walks alongside the client every step of the way, helping them make informed decisions and keeping communication clear. This gives customers peace of mind knowing the experts have everything under control. If anything goes wrong or if an issue arises, the Country Roofing team works tirelessly to find a solution. Country Roofing offers a 10 year workmanship guarantee and clean-up crews to make sure job sites look better than when they arrived.

“It has always been people over profit. We want everyone on our team to embody our principles and treat every single client with extreme importance and care, regardless of the size of the job.”

- Reuben Miller

Reuben reflects on his business as he celebrates a decade of ownership, “It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in only 10 years. From 16-hour days, to getting to work alongside my siblings and our amazing team and helping people transform their homes every day. I am grateful to have such a blessed life.” Country Roofing offers a variety of services including shingle and metal roofing, siding, decks, porches, door and window replacement, gutters, and almost anything for the exterior of your home. They also specialize in storm damage and repairs and even have an insurance expert on their team. Whether you have a small repair, a complete exterior renovation, or any project in between, Reuben, Aaron, and the entire Country Roofing team are ready to help.


Country Roofing offers professional repair and replacement options for both metal and shingle roofs.

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