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One of Dr. Jeff Wunning’s passions has always been running. He had successful careers in cross country and track in both high school and college. He never imagined that his passion for sports would lead him to finding his dream career. When he was about to graduate with a degree in biology, he was looking at career paths and medicine caught his eye.

As he looked into different specialties, podiatry became the clear choice. Jeff was well versed in various foot and ankle conditions and knew this area of medicine was the perfect blend of his passion for science and love of running. After undergrad, he enrolled at the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, where he not only graduated number one in his class, but also met Dr. Jeanna M. Fascione.

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Dr. Fascione (L) & Dr. Wunning (R) are proud to continue Dr. Ransom’s (center) legacy.

Dr. Fascione also had a successful running career during her high school and collegiate years. In fact, running is what brought her to the field of podiatry. She always dreamed of a career in medicine, but podiatric medicine wasn’t on her radar until she experienced an injury at running camp one summer. After her injury, she decided to shadow the doctor that helped her with her running related injuries. She majored in exercise physiology at Kent State University before moving to Chicago for medical school at Rosalind Franklin University.

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The Team at Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio

After completing their residencies in the Chicago area, Dr. Wunning and Dr. Fascione were looking for the right opportunity to start their careers. It was during his fellowship in Cleveland when Dr. Wunning was introduced to Dr. Ransom, a podiatrist with a well respected practice in Wooster. Dr. Ransom opened the Foot & Ankle Center in the 90s and quickly became one of the top providers in the community. In 2014, Dr. Ransom was getting ready to retire. Dr. Wunning admired the way the practice had been run; independent, community centered, and focused on providing the best overall patient care. Everything looked like a perfect fit on paper, but when Dr. Wunning and Dr. Fascione came to Wooster to visit, they each knew it was the right move for them.

Dr. Wunning joined the practice in January of 2015 and Dr. Fascione came on board later that year. The two were eager to continue Dr. Ransom’s legacy and provide top of the line care to the community. Dr. Wunning explains, “I loved that this practice has always embraced the entire spectrum of podiatric care. It was and continues to be a well rounded practice where we see everything from minor injuries to complex surgical needs. Dr. Ransom built this office with a focus on patient care, and we strive to carry on with the same focus while evolving to embrace new treatments and technology.”

The Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio is an independent practice. Dr. Fascione explains how that benefits patients, “We’re more accessible than a big hospital and are able to refer patients to the best specialists, regardless of what network they are in. We offer additional services in our office like xrays, minor procedures, fittings for braces and orthotics, etc. This saves our patients time and additional office visits. Each of our providers have a sports background, and we bring that team dynamic into the way we care for patients.”

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The doctors stay up to date on regenerative treatments and new therapy options, like EPAT Shockwave Therapy, an innovative and non-invasive treatment for both acute and chronic heel pain.

“Once we visited, the decision to move to Wooster was easy. This community is amazing. I love that I’m close to major cities, but can still experience peace and quiet. It’s a stark contrast to downtown Chicago, and I absolutely love it. There’s always something to do in the area with plenty of outdoor areas to explore or events taking place downtown.”

Dr. Jeanna Fascione

As the practice continues to grow, Dr. Wunning and Dr. Fascione have welcomed two doctors, Dr. Michael E. Marshall and Dr. Daniel P. Bullard. The team at Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio is constantly continuing their education to stay up to date on regenerative treatments and new technology and therapies. To make a new patient appointment or find more information, contact the team at Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio at (330) 345- 5500 or

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The Foot & Ankle Center of Ohio is conveniently located at 365 Riffel Rd, Suite A, in Wooster.

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