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The Campbell Family has been an integral part of Dearman Moving & Storage since its opening in 1963. Jeff Campbell was an operations manager at the company before working his way up the ladder to become president of the moving division. In 1980, Jeff bought the moving portion of the company and continued running it alongside his wife (Ruth Anne) and two sons (Tim and Chris). The boys worked at Dearman throughout high school and eventually made their way back to the company as adults. Working his way through a variety of roles in sales and management, Tim became the president and CEO when his parents decided to retire. When asked about the transition, Tim replied, “when my parents told us they were retiring, my mom stopped coming to the office the following week. My dad, on the other hand, showed up to work for the next seven years.”


Christ and Tim Campbell

Tim’s style of differed from that of his father. He made some changes and the company weathered the great recession. Little did he know, the challenges he faced previously would be nothing compared to what happened next. On March 2nd of 2012, Tim was helping out in the warehouse on a busy day. Everything was business as usual until the unthinkable happened. Tim experienced a cardiac event; collapsing without warning. At that moment, Tim’s heart stopped beating and he was clinically dead. With every second that passed, Tim’s chances of survival dropped substantially. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. Two visitors to the office that day rushed to Tim and started performing CPR while Penny ran to his side and prayed over him. From the time Tim’s heart stopped, to the time first responders were able to shock his heart, 10 minutes had passed. Tim’s chances of survival were less than one in a million, but he beat the odds. After only one shock, Tim’s heart began to beat and he even regained consciousness in the ambulance. He was alive again, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. After time in the cath lab and receiving multiple stents in his heart, Tim began to recover. Doctors were almost certain the lack of oxygen reaching his brain while he was down would result in brain damage. When Tim made a full recovery, doctors, friends, and family were left in complete shock and awe. Coming back to life after death was a medical miracle, but Tim knew his survival had something to do with medicine, and everything to do with his faith.


In addition to full service moves, Dearman offers Penske Truck Rentals, SAM Storage Pods, and More

Tim had beaten the odds not once, but countless times. As Tim recovered and eventually returned to work, he developed a new outlook on life. He set out to restructure the company to fit a new vision. Dearman was to be not only a moving company, but a trusted asset to the community. Tim and Chris flipped roles to better suit their individual strengths, placing Chris in the CEO seat and allowing Tim to focus on relationships and big picture concepts as the CVO (Chief Visionary Officer). Tim explains the philosophy behind the new framework, “We wanted to rebuild Dearman from the bottom up. When the CEO and the CVO serve their managers, the managers better support and equip our movers to ultimately best serve our customers and community.”

Trust and value are a large part of Tim and Chris’s approach to providing their customers with a positive moving experience. From an on-time guarantee, to hiring movers that best fit the mission of the company, Dearman Moving and Storage creates a hybrid approach to every move–utilizing SAM containers, Penske trucks, DIY services, and full service moving with all hands on deck. Whether you’re moving down the street or across the country, Dearman Moving and Storage can get you there with an unmatched peace of mind. For more information or a free estimate, call 419.520.9358

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