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After graduating from Chiropractic School, Dr. William Olar would have to wait six months to take his exam in order to be licensed to practice in Ohio. That delay was discouraging at first, but Will never imagined it would open the door for him to meet his wife. Since he knew he wouldn’t be able to practice locally right away, he took the opportunity to visit his grandmother in Serbia. With one bag of luggage, a backpack, and his adjusting table, Dr. Olar spent three months traveling around Eastern Europe. Chiropractic care wasn’t widely available. This gave him the opportunity to serve and adjust over 800 people. In order to get back to Hungary from Romania, his itinerary changed to go through Ukraine. While making his way through Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Will met Marina. “Even though we did not speak the same language, we both knew it was something special.” This sparked a three-year correspondence that blossomed. Instead of staying in Ukraine with her, Will had to return to the states.


When Dr. Olar came back to the USA in October of 2010, he knew that he eventually wanted to start his own practice. He was able to shadow another doctor in the Akron area before joining the practice and gaining experience. In January of 2011, Dr. Olar knew it was time to pursue his dream. Born and raised in Mansfield, Will rented a location on Lexington Avenue for his practice. It wasn’t easy, “it took three weeks for me to get my first patient. Everything I learned in school was related to physiology and anatomy, no one taught me how to run a business. One of the principles I lived by was making sure my passion to serve was always greater than my will to survive.” 2012 was one of the hardest years of Will’s life–his relatively new business was still going through growing pains. At that time he stepped away from the job in Akron to concentrate on his practice in Mansfield all the while communicating with Marina. In July of 2013, the two got engaged and married a month later. After 16 months of waiting for a visa, she was able to move to the United States.


Will attributes his professional success to being able to relate to people and answer their questions individually, “I explain to patients that chiropractic treatment isn’t solely about the bones, but what the bones are protecting: the nervous system. Each person’s body is different, so the solutions are different. We are successful because we don’t treat people like a number.” Over the years, Dr. Olar has seen immense growth in his practice. Initially he was only able to accept out of pocket payments, now the practice accepts insurance, medicare/medicaid, and personal injury & BWC.


One of the biggest challenges Dr. Olar faces is educating those who have had poor experiences with another chiropractor. Too often one bad experience will prevent someone from ever seeing another chiropractor again. “Patients don’t do that with their dentist. You have a bad experience, you find a new dentist.” Chiropractic care can have multiple approaches, different doctors use various techniques, leading to a wide variety in care. While Dr. Olar has a protocol for his initial assessment, the treatment plan that he follows is different patient to patient. Chiropractic care is more than treating lower back pain. Chiropractic care can help treat ailments including degeneration, head pain, pregnancy related symptoms, pain from car accidents, carpal tunnel, and more. Many people turn to chiropractic care as a second opinion or alternate treatment plan. To have questions answered, or find out how chiropractic could help you, call Dr. Olar today at 419.756.7000 or visit online at www.olarchiropractic.com

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