After returning home from World War II, Myron Shanklin went to work in construction. He got his start installing spouting and chimney flashing before transitioning into new construction. When he was laid off in 1960, Myron took a leap of faith and started Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning. He built his business while raising a family. His son, Harold, grew up shadowing Myron on jobs and learning every aspect of the business along the way. In 1980, Myron retired and left the company to Harold.
Like their father, Harold’s sons Derek and Kip were raised around the business. Derek remembers, “This has always been a true family business. It was discussed at our dinner table and was a constant part of our lives. I remember mom taking phone calls and setting service appointments while making dinner or trying to keep Kip and I out of trouble. Looking back, I don’t know how she did it all.” Derek and Kip helped out around the business and worked for their father during high school, but were encouraged to follow their passions outside of the family business.
After high school, Kip and Derek honored their parents wishes and pursued other job opportunities. In 2006, Harold fell ill unexpectedly and Derek left his job to join his father at Shanklin. Harold tragically passed away a few months later at the age of 58, leaving Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning in the hands of 27 year old Derek. Unsure how he was going to pick up the reins and run the business, Derek reached a breaking point. Only 24 himself, Kip came home and helped his brother. Derek brought up the idea of selling the business, but after prayer and great counsel with friends in the business world, he and Kip were led to continue the family business. Kip reflects, “The first two years were rough. Some weeks I didn’t know if we’d make it. Derek and I would question if we were cut out for this. We were pouring our heart and soul into the business, but still weren’t where we wanted to be.”
A decision to shift their focus turned everything around. Derek explains, “We wanted to focus on customer experience first and foremost. Our highly trained and friendly girls ask the right questions so we fully understand the problem on the first call and our techcians notify homeowners when they are on their way. We wear masks and booties to protect our customer’s homes and health. We don’t just say that we care, we try to show it every step of the way.” Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning has always strived to provide excellent customer service, but now it drives the company.
Today’s homeowner is concerned with more than just the temperature on the thermostat. Technicians keep up with the latest trends and technology to ensure home air quality is the best it can be. From utilizing HEPA filters to offering duct cleaning, they can develop a strategy to combat allergies and keep families comfortable and healthy. Customer Claire shares her experience, “I had been suffering from allergies and I knew that my duct system needed a good cleaning. I was looking for a company that I could trust. They got me in right away and were very professional, thorough, and friendly! I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my breathing. It was worth every penny! The ladies in the office were incredibly nice and easy to talk to and made the process very smooth! I will continue to use them for years to come!”
Whether you are in need of a repair, routine maintenance or are seeking better air quality, the Shanklin Heating and Air Conditioning family is ready to make your house feel like home. Call 330-832-5848 for more information or visit them online at