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Serving families for over 95 years, the Snyder Family has made a lasting impact in our community. In 1922, Ora O. Snyder and his wife, Marion, began operating a funeral home in Johnsville, OH. Expanding to Lexington in 1926, the Snyder family has spent the past 91 years growing. Four generations strong, Snyder Funeral Homes have 16 locations and four private crematories to continue to assist local families in their times of need. At a young age, Todd watched his father, Paul (son of Ora), walk with families through the most difficult time in their lives with grace and peace. 

He saw his father’s authenticity both with his family at home, and with each family he served. Reflecting on his entry into the business, Todd states, “Back then, we lived in the funeral home. I guess you could say I came into the business as soon as I was old enough to carry a folding chair. I remember wanting to be like Dad and feeling called to this business at an early age.” After graduating from college, Todd officially took over management and operations of the Lexington Ave location. Recently, a new generation of Snyders joined the team. Todd’s children, Hannah and Gideon have brought a new energy and excitement to the family’s growing business. Gideon feels a calling to the family business, “This is not just a job to get a paycheck. I feel like God has called our family to this, and I know He has called me to this. It’s a hard job, but it allows me to share faith and hope with families and people who are hurting.”


Back: Todd and Sean Front: Hannah, Susan, and Gideon

Over the past 20 years, much has changed at Snyder Funeral Homes. Funeral services are no longer presented as packages, they are now concierge based. The staff listens closely to families’ needs and desires before making customized recommendations. The goal is to tell the story of your loved one. According to Todd, excellence is expected, “we are in the business of creating healing services and moments. If we can’t make an event healing or memorable, we fail.”

As with any industry, funeral services have misconceptions that can create confusion and frustration for families when they are already vulnerable. Gideon explains, “one of the biggest questions people have is ‘If dad wants to be cremated, can he still have a service?’ The answer is ‘absolutely’. We perform funeral services for cremations both at our facility, and also at churches and other facilities. The other concern people have about cremation is that their loved one might leave our care. Since we have our own crematory, your loved one never leaves our care.” The loss of a loved one is difficult, but according to Todd preplanning makes the process easier, “if I could show you the difference between a family that preplans and a family that does not, it is so profound. The peace and sense of relief that the family shares when mom preplanned her funeral is the polar opposite of that of the overwhelmed family who has their hands full dealing with their loss. We will all die someday. Whether you choose our family or not, please preplan your funeral arrangements as a final gift to your loved ones.”

Three Generations of Snyders

The Snyder Family has three local funeral homes. 2553 Lexington Ave, Lexington. 350 Marion Ave, Mansfield. 81 Mill Road, Bellville. You can reach Snyder Funeral Homes 24 hours a day by phone (419-884-1711) or website:

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