The Dennis Reed Team


When Dennis Reed was corporately downsized, his future was unknown. It was 2003: he had just started a family, and his wife Anne had recently resigned from teaching to stay home and raise their daughter. That’s when a good friend introduced Dennis to the mortgage business. Dennis built his business the old-fashioned way, by making hundreds of phone calls. His hard work paid off, and his upstart business grew. Five years after he initially started in the mortgage lending industry, he was finally seeing stable growth. Then 2008 hit.

In 2008, the entire mortgage system crashed. Our economy was hurting, and many lost their homes. The 3.1 million foreclosures nationwide created a surplus of properties with a buyer shortage. Dennis remembers this uncertain time, “I built my business on relationships with realtors and buyers. With very few buying homes, our family income was cut by roughly 70%. Fortunately for the Reed Family, a few months before the crash, Anne found Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace program. The Reeds eliminated debt by following what they learned, putting themselves in a much better financial position. This, along with working part-time jobs, got them through the recession. Some months the income was less than what the bills required, but the Reeds kept their faith and as always, God was also faithful in providing.

Anne and Dennis MI

Dennis and his wife, Anne

Throughout the Great Recession, Dennis never stopped focusing on building relationships with realtors and community members. In 2009, the Reeds purchased the house Anne grew up in and moved to Lexington. Dennis shifted his focus to the Mansfield and Ashland markets and in 2012, the business had grown to a point where he was able to hire April. Since then, the team has doubled in size with the addition of Lori and Jennifer. A larger team that’s focused on the customer can change the whole experience for the client. Steven K. of Mansfield reflects on his experience, “We found that working with Dennis and his team was much easier than we thought it would be. He would answer any questions or concerns even later in the evenings. He made us feel like a person and not just a number applying for a loan.”

marion one building

The Dennis Reed Team’s office in the Marion One Building

The goal for Dennis is to educate and develop trust in the community, not simply close loans. Dennis explains, “We’re pretty open about our faith and want to let it show by doing right by the client.” It is not uncommon for Dennis and his team to refer clients to other lenders when they believe they are not the best solution. “Our clients’ best interests are our top priority.” The Dennis Reed Team offers loans for everyone from well-qualified to credit-challenged with Conventional loans, Veterans loans, FHA loans, USDA rural loans, teacher/firefighter programs, and more. Dennis works with buyers to show every option available to them. Over the past six years, Dennis has never had a pre-approval fall through due to anything on their end. Dennis explains, “Getting a mortgage can be intimidating and we don’t always know what issues will arise. Regardless, we’re here with you every step of the way, day, night, or weekend.” The Dennis Reed Team aims to be a home buyer’s resource. If you are looking to purchase a new home, call Dennis and the team to have your questions answered by a trusted professional. You can reach them at 419-529-2160 and they’re conveniently located locally at 1 Marion Avenue, Suite 209 in Mansfield, OH 44903.

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